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Agribusiness and Food 

The long-term success of the New Zealand economy is dependant on a number of key segments performing to their full potential; central among these is the agricultural sector. 


We can help you improve the efficiency and profitability of your business through our wide range of advisory services.


Our national, cross functional agriculture business professionals focus solely on understanding the issues faced by agribusiness companies and developing tailored solutions to meet these challenges.


We provide audit, tax and advisory services to many of New Zealand’s leading agricultural based businesses. This gives us a unique insight into the challenges that our clients are facing on a day to day basis.

How KPMG can help 

With our topical thought leadership we aim to remain on the leading edge of thinking in the agribusiness segment. 



Agribusiness Agenda 2015 - volume 1

Agribusiness Agenda 2015, Volume 1 - Growing Value

Agribusiness Agenda 2014 - volume 2

Agribusiness Agenda 2014, Volume 2 - Exploring our Global Future



We have people with the skills and experience to assist your business in addressing the following key industry issues.


  • Volatility in earnings due to exchange rates and commodity prices.
  • Availability of capital, particularly in co-operative organisation structures.
  • Addressing customs and quota issues and maximising the benefit of FTAs.
  • Issues arising from climate change regulations, carbon trading and food miles.
  • Obtaining R&D funding to support innovation in genetics, seed technology and nutrition.
  • Cost management and control.
  • Managing the impact of land prices on farm profitability.
  • Valuation of brands on a local and international basis.
  • Acquisition and transaction support to support growth in NZ or overseas.
  • Advice on control and governance structures for all business sizes.
  • Mentoring and support for growing businesses.


Trends in the agriculture business sector 

The primary sector accounts for 7.1% of New Zealand’s GDP and Agribusiness accounts for some 70% of New Zealand's exports.


Ian Proudfoot on Agribusiness contribution to NZ


The growing global realisation about the challenges of feeding the world’s population means our ability to produce high quality, sustainable food is one of this countries significant competitive advantages.


Our credentials documents explain more about our service offerings and introduce the professionals that deliver these services.

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