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Frequently asked questions (FAQs) 

When do applications close? 


Applications for KPMG’s graduate and summer intern positions are currently open! Applications will close on 31 August 2014.


What does KPMG’s graduate recruitment process entail?


You apply online for our graduate and summer intern opportunities. You’ll upload your CV and academic transcript and complete our online application form which asks a couple of competency-based questions. If your application is successful you will be called and invited to answer some quick questions online about your work, life and study experiences via video interview. If this goes well we will send you a link to complete our online testing. Finally, based on your results so far, we’ll invite you to attend Ace the Case.


What is Ace the Case?


Ace the Case gives you the opportunity to plan, write, present and debrief a case. You’re put in a team and given a case to analyse – one that based on a real business scenario. It’s a fantastic learning opportunity.


When are the key dates for KPMG’s graduate recruitment process?


Keep an eye out on the Careers page for new application dates.



How will I know if my application has been received?

After you click ‘send’ on your application you will receive an automated email to the address that you supplied. Be sure to type in the email that you use the most often


How will I know if I’ve been successful?


We’ll be in touch to let you know next steps if you’re successful in reaching the next stage. If, sadly, your application was unsuccessful you’ll receive an email from us.


How can I prepare for Ace the Case and my interview?


You don’t need to prepare for Ace the Case as such, as we’ll give you the skills you will need.


You can Google behavioural based interview questions to give yourself some practice, but in the main it’s about being yourself. Also check out our top ten tips for interviews and our Project Me personal branding toolkit.


What grades do I need to be eligible to work at KPMG?

Your grades are important, but not the be-all-and-end-all at KPMG. We are looking for students with a well rounded CV that includes work experience, extracurricular activities, leadership experience and community involvement. That said, generally speaking we are looking for individuals with a B grade average or better.




Do I need an accounting degree to apply?

Not necessarily. If you’re thinking about working in our Audit or Private Enterprise (Business Advisory) teams then you’ll need to be working towards becoming a qualified accountant (either through Chartered Accountants Australia + New Zealand or CPA)
If you think Tax is more your thing, you may be studying Law or Accounting. But again, if you’re studying accounting it needs to meet Chartered Accountants Australia + New Zealand or CPA requirements.


Finally, were you to join our Advisory team – in Management Consulting, Risk Consulting or Transactions & Restructuring - you might be studying Software Engineering, IT or Computer Science, Accounting, Economics, Finance or Law.


How far through my degree can I apply for a role at KPMG?


If you are looking for a summer internship you can be in any year of university. That said, we generally take people in their penultimate year of study. If you are looking for a graduate position, you will be in your final year of study.


Note: it is a great idea to go for a summer intern position as we often offer our interns a graduate position based on their performance over the summer.


What are the benefits of working for KPMG?


We’re conscious that it’s a big transition from full-time study to a full-time role and we’ve structured our benefits package to do all we can to help.




Where can I find further information on the divisions within KPMG and my career options?


There’s a brief overview of each of the divisions in our graduate recruitment brochure and on this section of our website. You find plenty more information about the divisions and what we do by spending some time exploring our website.


Does KPMG support ongoing education and international assignments?


Oh yes. So much so that we have an in-house team dedicated to your learning and development. The team is not only to support you through your professional qualifications but through your own professional development as well.


We also have a Global Mobility Consultant who focuses on coordinating international transfers around KPMG member firms.


Where is KPMG located in NZ?


KPMG has offices in Auckland, Christchurch, Hamilton, Tauranga, Wellington and Timaru.


Got a question we haven’t answered here? If so drop us a line.




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