New Zealand

Our Communities 

Our communities


KPMG NZ people are encouraged to volunteer in the community through Our Communities, a structured volunteering programme. 


Staff are granted one days paid leave per year to work with a charity they are already involved with or a KPMG community partner in the youth, health or environment sectors.

Wellington office community partnership with Wellington Free Ambulance

Money raised from the sale of muffins, scones and hot drinks at our Wellington on-site cafeteria goes towards our community partnership with Wellington Free Ambulance.



These donations have gone directly towards the purchase of the Wellington Free Ambulance KPMG Rescue Vehicle and fit-out.


The WFA KPMG Rescue Vehicle and Squad are a highly specialised unit and the only one of its kind in New Zealand. They can be mobilised in situations where patient recovery requires four wheel driving, rope or winching techniques. The squad responds to off-road vehicle crashes, construction site rescues, tramping search and rescue missions, and was deployed to Christchurch just hours after the February earthquake.