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Chartered Accountants 

Trusted Chartered Accountants services for small to medium sized businesses

Numbers are the unsung hero of business success.  With the right tools to read, analyse and forecast what the numbers actually mean in the context of your business environment, it is possible to achieve growth and profitability faster…and with less risk.


If you are a small to medium sized, privately owned business in NZ, then talking to the accounting services team at KPMG may be the start of your organisation’s journey to greater financial and commercial success.


More than Chartered Accountants

Yes, at KPMG we can take care of the important and typical areas of accounting such as tax compliance and payroll services. But our strength also lies in our ability to ‘drill down’ into the data and present information that can allow you to make better decisions.


Those decisions affect how you manage your business and how you evaluate your success. This can mean trouble-free compliance, more efficient operations (and reduction in costs), the ability to confidently pursue new opportunities, and much more.


With KPMG this extra value means the trajectory to achieving your commercial objectives becomes clearer and more assured. With robust chartered accounting services as a cornerstone of success, you’ll be able to give your business exactly what it needs, when it needs it…while being backed-up by the capability and depth of experience of KPMG.


The benefits of using a Chartered Accountant

Today’s economy can be difficult to navigate successfully. Because of this, reducing and managing business risk becomes even more important. For many companies, tax and reporting compliance obligations may be challenging to manage, so good advice from an experienced team of trusted chartered accountants can save significant time, stress and money.

At KPMG, our goal is to liberate you from the distractions of compliance so that you can focus on accomplishing your business goals – whatever they may be.


Chartered Accountants & communication

Because we have many years of experience assisting companies of all sizes in New Zealand, we understand how crucial it is to have open communication with our clients. Our team of chartered accountants is available to discuss your specific issues and answer any questions you may have about how we operate – including exactly how we can work with you to achieve your goals and transparency regarding the pricing of our services.

We excel at and enjoy solving problems for business owners. The KPMG team is well qualified and we uphold standards of staff training and development to ensure our team is up to date with vital technical developments. What does this mean for you? Peace of mind and value for money on your journey to business success.

Take the first step today by talking to us at KPMG. We enjoy a reputation for delivering excellent service that we are proud of. Find out how our dedicated team of KPMG Chartered Accountants can help your business now by calling 0800 224 254.



We can help you make sense of today's increasingly complex business risks and reflect these in your financial statements.


Our tax advisory team has the skills and commitment to help you to be competitive and compliant in all areas of business tax.


We provide a range of services covering management consulting, risk consulting, and transactions & restructuring.

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KPMG can provide an informed perspective on issues faced by the business community.

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