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  • Service: Audit, Advisory, Accounting Advisory Services
  • Date: 24/06/2013

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Simon Lee

Simon Lee

Technical Director - Accounting Advisory Services

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Accounting Advisory Services

We can help with complex financial reporting regulations, optimise relevant reporting processes and incorporate new requirements.

Reporting news - 13RN05 

IFRS issued but not yet effective at 30 June 2013, new exposure draft on insurance contracts, IFRS newsletters, FMA report on hybrid financial instrument disclosures.


In this issue


  • IFRSs issued but not yet effective for 30 June 2013
  • In the Headlines: Insurance contracts
  • IFRS Handbook: Share-based payments
  • Guide to condensed interim financial statements
  • New on the horizon: Leases
  • Amendments to impairment disclosures for non-financial assets
  • IFRS Newsletter: Revenue
  • IFRS Newsletter: Financial instruments
  • FMA issues report on hybrid financial instrument disclosures
  • NZASB Communiqué