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  • Type: White paper
  • Date: 8/04/2014

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Strategies to manage major projects 

In this first instalment of a three-part series, we outline best practices for early planning and organising of your major project.

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  1. Assign the project team early
  2. Choose the right project delivery strategy
  3. Develop realistic estimates
  4. Actively manage project risks
  5. Obtain buy-in from senior management
  6. Develop project specific policies and procedures
  7. Assign project specific roles and responsibilities
  8. Have frequent team meetings


You cannot successfully manage a major project simply by drawing on industry experience, following project management principles, and applying technology.


A critical aspect of success is an effective planning and organising effort. That is the first key concept which has been outlined in Part 1 of this Whitepaper. It encompasses team assignment, delivery strategy, estimating, risk management, buy-in from leadership, policies and procedures, assigning roles, and conducting effective meetings.


In Part 2, we will discuss a second key concept – how to effectively communicate and practice time-tested controls over cost, schedule, scope and quality. No single project director or manager can deliver a successful major project on his or her own. It is a team effort; along with the input, advice, and consent of appropriate stakeholders.


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