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  • Date: 27/03/2013

NZ M&A Predictor - issue 2 

New Zealand companies are showing increased confidence and a stronger appetite for deals. New Zealand currently differs from the rest of the world in one respect; although our appetite to transact is improving, our capacity to do so is expected to remain relatively unchanged.


M&A Predictor 2
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Key findings


  • New Zealand appetite levels (based on forward P/E ratios) are up 19% since June 2012. This compares to a 15% increase in global appetite over the same period.

  • Globally, for first time in two years, both the capacity to transact and the appetite for deals are expected to improve.

  • Current levels of debt among New Zealand’s largest companies are still relatively high compared with global standards.

  • New Zealand deal volumes appear to have stabilised.



Released every 6 months, this is a forward-looking tool that helps you consider the trends and expectations in New Zealand’s merger and acquisition (M&A) activity based on some simple indicators.

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