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  • Date: 14/09/2012

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Cash is still king 

New Zealand money

Create a cash culture in your business 

Cash is the key to the progression, and survival, of any business. Owners and managers need to control cash in order to ensure the business’s liquidity is efficient, and ultimately to improve the bottom line.


Basic cash management principles will assist you and your management team to have better visibility and control over cash flow, generating more money and allowing you to release more cash.


Cash released can be used to reduce debt, fund expansion and investment, or provide a return to stakeholders.


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KPMG has a number of tools available to assist you with the control and visibility of cash flow in your business. Call your local business advisor to discuss how these might assist your business.

Business update - A regular newsletter produced by KPMG New Zealand Business Advisory. 

Business update - September 2012

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