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  • Service: Advisory, Climate Change and Sustainability Services
  • Industry: Agribusiness
  • Type: Business and industry issue
  • Date: 23/05/2012

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  Jamie Sinclair


Jamie Sinclair 

National Leader - Climate Change and Sustainability Services

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Climate Change and Sustainability Services

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Climate Change and Sustainability Services focuses on increasing long-term shareholder value to drive financial performance.

Budget 2012 - Sustainability 

Budget 2012 - sustainability


This week’s budget presents an opportunity for the government to signal its long-term vision for this country.


This vision must include the establishment of a pathway for innovation and research and development focused on environmental technologies in areas such as renewables, bio energy and mobility.


Supporting the investment in these technologies and the provision of essential infrastructure and marketplace design fundamentals is imperative and the responsibility of government.


The hope is that commitment to a long-term, sustainable vision for New Zealand’s future can address the attrition of our people overseas, while also attracting the skills we need to develop a thriving and resilient nation.

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