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  • Date: 15/01/2013

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Taxmail - Proposals to further tighten interest deductibility released 

Issue 1 - January 2013

Officials yesterday released an issues paper aimed at further tightening the rules for claiming New Zealand interest deductions where a business is owned by non-residents. Submissions are requested by 15 February 2013.  We discuss the key proposals.   pdf image Issues paper [PDF: 460KB]

taxmail tighten interest deductibility
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While the thin capitalisation safe harbour thresholds are not set to change, Officials are proposing to plug a number of perceived “gaps” in the thin capitalisation rules.


This includes extending the rules to multiple non-residents holding/controlling more than 50% of a NZ company/ group if these parties are “acting together”.


A key concern is how this concept will be reflected in legislation, and practically applied/interpreted by Inland Revenue, in such a way that does not penalise non-resident investors who are genuinely operating at arm’s length from each other.


A further concern is the potential adverse impact on inbound investment, particularly in large-scale projects, such as infrastructure (at a time when infrastructure investment is a priority for Christchurch, Auckland and many other parts of the country).


Given the wide-ranging nature of the proposals, we strongly advise clients to consider the potential impacts on their business and make submissions.

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