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Tax tools 

KPMG tax tools are designed to add real value by providing tailored tax advice, dedicated tax and business knowledge and practical and useful analysis on tax issues relevant to your business.


Tax tools include tax analysers and calculators covering a collection of tax compliance processes. 


These easy-to-use interactive CD-ROMS can help you evaluate your systems and procedures and confirm that you are complying with current tax legislation.

They help identify opportunities to monitor your costs and assess your risks. This provides a real possibility for tax savings.


The tax tools:

  • demonstrate a philosophy of good governance
  • demonstrate a robust practice where acceptable interpretations are taken as part of a reasonable care approach
  • provide opportunities for management to analyse and understand the tax positions adopted, and determine whether these are the most appropriate for your business. 

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Our tax advisory team has the skills and commitment to help you to be competitive and compliant in all areas of business tax.