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  • Date: 19/02/2013

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Submission - INS 0117 - Income Tax: Residence 

We believe that providing taxpayers and advisors with greater certainty around matters of residence is important both to ensure the security and integrity of the New Zealand tax base and to encourage voluntary compliance.

In light of the importance of, and the growing need for, a consistent but practical approach we have outlined in some degree of detail our concerns with Inland Revenue’s approach to residence of individuals in the IS.


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Residence is a critical feature of the New Zealand tax system.


It determines whether an individual, or other entity, is exposed to New Zealand tax on worldwide income, or only New Zealand sourced income.


Since the Commissioner’s last statement on income tax residence, published in 1989 in Public Information Bulletin 180 (“PIB 180”), we have seen significant changes in the mobility of individuals and the way that business is conducted internationally.


We agree PIB 180 needs to be updated. In our view, this is needed to accommodate modern work practices and the circumstances of expatriates and migrants.


It is also needed to improve consistency in the

positions adopted by Inland Revenue’s frontline staff.


In practice, we are seeing widely differing interpretations depending on which part of Inland Revenue, or which office, is addressing the issue..  

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