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Christchurch recovery

The earthquakes have impacted all Christchurch businesses in some way. KPMG can help in the recovery.
Rebuild Christchurch

Rebuilding a 21st century city - The Christchurch infrastructure challenge 

We have a unique opportunity to plan and rebuild New Zealand’s second largest city to meet the needs of generations to come. Funding such an undertaking is just one of the challenges before us.


Central and local government will have to form partnerships with the private sector to facilitate co-ordination and funding.


We provide insights into ways partnerships with the private sector can be best applied to offer the economic and social solutions for the City and region as a whole.


These solutions can inject extra investment and expertise into the rebuild plans, so that New Zealand can capitalise on what is a multi-generational opportunity to turn Christchurch into a sustainable and world class city.


download pdfRebuilding a 21st century city [PDF: 3MB]


A wealth of best practices


KPMG’s involvement with innovative approaches to infrastructure financing across the globe creates a wealth of best practices – and hard learned lessons – that can help attract infrastructure investment and expertise into Christchurch.


ChCh Rebuild
Infrastructure delivery models
ChCh Rebuild
Chch rebuild
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