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  • Date: 13/05/2010

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Success and failure in urban transport infrastructure projects 

We are delighted to introduce this KPMG Infrastructure Spotlight Report exploring success and failure in urban transport infrastructure projects.


With large urban areas in New Zealand and around the globe expected to experience significant growth over coming decades, it is more important than ever that the transport infrastructure underpinning them can be delivered successfully and sustainably.


This study analyses the factors affecting the success of a range of international urban transport infrastructure projects, with a view to understanding why some are more (or less) successful than others.


The main conclusion is that many elements need to be right to deliver a successful project, of which effective procurement and financing appeared to be the most important of the six success factors identified.


From their in-depth analysis of the case studies, the research team was able to draw a number of important lessons for the delivery of large transport infrastructure projects.


The research team responsible for the study was led by Stephen Glaister (Imperial College London) and included Roger Allport (Imperial College London), Richard Brown (independent consultant) and Tony Travers (London School of Economics).


We would like to thank them for the considerable insight we believe their work offers the global infrastructure market, including New Zealand.


We hope you will find this publication insightful, and we welcome your contact should you wish to discuss any of the issues raised in further detail.