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  • Date: 10/03/2010

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The changing face of infrastructure - Public sector perspectives 

This report focuses on the current challenges in providing and maintaining infrastructure around the world.  The Changing Face of Infrastructure - Public Sector Perspectives is a global research report commissioned by KPMG International and conducted in cooperation with the Economist Intelligence Unit.

It follows on from the private sector perspectives report included in the previous episode of Smarter Procurement.


This report presents the findings of a survey of 392 senior public sector infrastructure professionals from 50 countries and territories.


Among other findings, the survey reveals a belief that stimulus funding mobilised in the past two years has helped in meeting medium-term infrastructure needs, but still falls well short of being a sustainable solution to the far greater long-term infrastructure challenges.


Almost two-thirds of respondents saw that the private sector could help the public sector deliver infrastructure more effectively, but cultural differences and a lack of trust continue to present as impediments to a closer relationship.


We consider that the issues raised have strong relevance in New Zealand and should be understood and debated by both policy makers and New Zealand businesses.


We consider that the private sector has more to offer in the delivery of New Zealand's infrastructure, which suggests that the public sector should be looking for collaborative models through which that value can be realised.


We would welcome your contact if you wish to discuss any of the issues raised in this e-newsletter in more detail.





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