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  • Date: 9/06/2010


Adrian Wimmers

Head of Infrastructure and Projects

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PPP Procurement: Review of barriers to competition 

Review of barriers to competition and efficiency in the procurement of PPP projects


Australian Governments have worked consistently to develop and improve PPP procurement practices over the years. As part of this process, Infrastructure Australia has appointed KPMG to undertake a “Review of Barriers to Competition and Efficiency in the Procurement of PPPs”.


The purpose of this Review is to recommend potential strategies to Governments to resolve those key issues identified as important to the continued improvement of the Australian PPP market.

procurement of PPP projects
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The Review draws together:

  • key themes raised during market consultations with existing and potential PPP market participants (Participants)
  • lessons learnt from a review of other leading international jurisdictions that have active and mature PPP markets.


This Review looks only at the PPP market and potential improvements to its procurement processes. It does not consider broader issues such as a comparison with other methods for procuring infrastructure projects.

Infrastructure- Smarter procurement series - KPMG Infrastructure's smarter procurement series. 

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