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  • Date: 2/02/2011


 Jamie Sinclair

Jamie Sinclair

National Leader - Climate Change and Sustainability Services  

+64 9 363 3460

Reporting change: Readers & reporters survey 2010 

This report will help reporting organisations understand the purpose of reporting and how reporting can change organisational behaviour by helping to drive performance.


The objectives were to gain insights into why organisations report on their sustainability performance, and to drive the transparency and accountability of these reports.


Reporting change
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This report is based on a survey of over 5,000 Reporters and Readers.




According to the survey, 65 percent of companies that responded said the top reason for reporting on their sustainability performance was to improve internal processes.


Ninety-seven percent of people who read reports say reporting itself indicates that a company is improving its sustainability performance.


Survey analysts say today’s report shows that sustainability reporting is no longer just a communications exercise - it is seen as a tool for improving an organisation’s environmental, social and governance performance.


The survey also reveals that readers of sustainability reports see reporting as a valuable tool for commercial decision-making.


More than half of those reading sustainability reports use them as a basis for investment decisions and to decide whether or not to use a company’s products and services.


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