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  • Date: 27/02/2012

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Climate Change and Sustainability Services

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Climate Change and Sustainability Services focuses on increasing long-term shareholder value to drive financial performance.

Expect the unexpected 

Expect the unexpected


Building business value in a changing world


Ten global sustainability “megaforces” will impact every business over the next two decades. New Zealand will not be immune. 


This report was central to discussions at KPMG’s recent global ‘Business Perspective on Sustainable Growth’ summit.  The summit attracted attendance of over 600 CEOs and senior executives from top global companies.



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While we are relatively well off in terms of water, food supply and population density, global challenges will increasingly impact the costs of doing business in New Zealand. 


Significant supply chain impacts


The report indicates that if companies had to pay for the full environmental costs of production, they would lose, on average, US 41 cents for every US$1 in earnings.  As these costs become recognised – the supply chain impacts on New Zealand will be significant. 


How well we can adjust to thrive in a world of increasingly complexity will depend on our ability to decouple New Zealand’s prosperity from natural resource use and environmental decline.


Be prepared


We can’t predict the future but it is good business sense to be prepared for the possibilities: to expect the unexpected. Business as usual is not an option.


I hope you find this report stimulating and thought provoking.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you wish to discuss strategies for assessing, planning for, managing and capitalising on current and future challenges. 


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A new perspective on the changing business environment

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Minimising resource use and environmental decline can simultaneously be one of the biggest sources of business success.