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R&D tax changes for SMEs & Bodies Corporate GST rules

KPMG welcomes R&D tax changes for SMEs, and GST rules for Bodies Corporate.
Modified date: 3/03/2015
Press release; Publication series

FIPS Review of 2014 - Stronger banking sector fuels growth

FIPS Review of 2014 shows a stronger banking sector fuels economic growth.
Modified date: 24/02/2015
Press release; Publication series

KPMG welcomes debt capitalisation tax proposals

KPMG welcomes proposals confirming that shareholders can convert debt to equity funding for insolvent companies.
Modified date: 23/02/2015
Press release; Publication series

Foreign Super Tax Amnesty Announced

An amendment was announced today, giving foreign super holders the opportunity to limit the tax on withdrawals made by 31 March 2014 to just 15%.
Modified date: 14/01/2015
Press release; Regulatory update

Living overseas not enough to lose tax residence

Rebecca Armour explains the complexity of tax residency rule; where living overseas does not mean you’re out of IRD’s reach.
Modified date: 14/01/2015
Business and industry issue; Press release; Regulatory update

Little tax comfort for Kiwi expats

Inland Revenue today released its interpretation of what it means to be tax resident.
Modified date: 14/01/2015
Press release

Exploring our Global Future - Agribusiness Agenda

New Zealand’s primary sector must grapple with a range of global forces impacting food production to remain relevant in the agri-food markets of 2050
Modified date: 12/11/2014
Press release; Publication series

KPMG now a Xero national platinum partner

Xero has today welcomed KPMG New Zealand as a national group platinum partner.
Modified date: 20/10/2014
Event; Press release

Roger Wilson New KPMG Private Enterprise Partner

KPMG is excited to announce that Roger Wilson will be joining KPMG Hamilton as a Partner in our Private Enterprise team.
Modified date: 9/10/2014
Event; Press release

FATCA – it’s not just a US law

FATCA is seen by many as the US forcing its laws on the rest of the world and turning non-US financial institutions into tax collectors for the US.
Modified date: 2/09/2014
Press release
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