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Project Delivery Strategy

Get the tools, hints and tips to ensure that you have the right project delivery strategy for a successful project.
Modified date: 2/07/2014
Business and industry issue

Are we locking the door on our information gold mines?

Information asset management can help improve productivity, profitability, enhance customer experience and design better public policy.
Modified date: 26/06/2014
White paper

Global organisations unaware of their online risk exposure

Many global organisations can do a lot more to protect their private data and reduce exposure to attacks by hackers.
Modified date: 17/06/2014
Press release

Personal data threat to millions: company hacking reaches new high

Millions of individuals are being robbed of personal information around the world as the hacking of company data sky-rockets.
Modified date: 16/06/2014
Press release

NZ Project management survey 2010

This survey identifies a number of practices that can assist organisations to extract more value from their projects.
Modified date: 15/01/2014
Survey report

Security Competitive Advantage

Security as strategic business tool enables businesses to create competitive value-creating opportunities and edge.
Modified date: 5/01/2014
Business and industry issue

Don’t get hooked by phishing scams

Phishing attacks are occurring with increased frequency and with an increased level of sophistication. The risks are real.
Modified date: 11/12/2013
Press release

Project management survey 2013

New Zealand organisations are still failing to extract real business value from their investment in projects.
Modified date: 8/12/2013
Survey report

Stakeholder management and communication

Stakeholder management and communication is critical to the successful completion of capital projects.
Modified date: 8/12/2013
Business and industry issue

Governance and Project Controls

This issue of KPMG’s Project Advisory Leadership Series is designed to help address governance and project management controls issues in early stages.
Modified date: 2/12/2013
Business and industry issue
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