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Reporting News 15RN02

Clarifications on classification of liabilities, new revenue standard set to be deferred, IFRS newsletters, revenue recognition for FDCG & transport.
Modified date: 21/05/2015
Business and industry issue

FIPS - Review of 2009 (Non-banks)

There are a series of hurdles in the path of the sector, particularly the finance company sector.
Modified date: 20/05/2015
Business and industry issue

Frontiers in finance - Forging forward

The turmoil in the financial services industry shows no sign of abating. What can be done to forge forward in this environment?
Modified date: 5/05/2015
Business and industry issue

Reporting News 15RN01

In this edition, we look at IFRSs issued but not yet effective (31 March 2015)
Modified date: 20/04/2015
Business and industry issue

General Insurance Update - November 2014

The 2014 General Insurance Update looks to the future, focusing on the changing risk landscape and corresponding opportunities across the industry.
Modified date: 16/04/2015
Publication series

General Insurance Industry Survey

KPMG Australia's annual General Insurance Industry Survey includes the financial results of general major insurers.
Modified date: 13/04/2015
Publication series

FIPS Quarterly: December 2014

The banking sector has recorded an overall drop in net profit after tax (NPAT) for the December 2014 quarter.
Modified date: 9/04/2015
Publication series

FIPS Quarterly: June 2014

Profits across the financial sector have risen again, driven by lending and asset growth and improvements in interest margins.
Modified date: 8/04/2015
Publication series

Cyber insurance: A market matures

Cyber insurance is booming due to rising cyber-attacks. Insurance companies will need to be more sophisticated in their cyber risk approach.
Modified date: 6/03/2015
Publication series

Insurance contracts – Participating contracts: Level of aggregation

In an education session this month, IASB was reminded of its earlier decisions on the level of aggregation for measuring contractual service margin.
Modified date: 4/03/2015
Publication series
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