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  • Date: 3/11/2011

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Corporate and indirect tax survey 2011 

Corporate tax rates have been steadily falling for a decade, while value added tax and goods and services tax (VAT/GST) systems have been introduced across the globe, rising to higher rates and applying to more items as indirect tax systems mature.

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Some commentators have wondered if these dual trends were temporary anomalies that would reverse over time


The 2011 story of the world's corporate and indirect tax rates continues that of the one told in previous years.


Based on our reading of this year’s survey results, the chance of a return to the pre-2000 status quo is remote and the global re-balancing of corporate and indirect taxes will continue.


International businesses should ensure they have the right mix of income tax and VAT/GST management resources in place to stay ahead of this long-term trend.


Download KPMG International's annual Corporate and Indirect Tax Survey.


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