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  • Type: Business and industry issue
  • Date: 23/07/2009

Emerging business models to help serve tomorrow's digital tribes 

KPMG publication and video presentation proposes guidance on choosing a digital revenue model.

Over the past 10 years, companies large and small across have invested in, or thought about investing in, digital strategies. But for all the hype and enthusiasm, few have figured out the right business model to succeed in the new digital era.

View a video presentation for an overview including interviews with KPMG partners and a demonstration of the Equalizer.


In Emerging business models to help serve tomorrow's digital tribes, KPMG proposes that to understand the opportunities and how to generate revenue from them, companies should view their target customers in a new way—as members of Digital Tribes that expect focused and personalized services. These companies should also look beyond the traditional value propositions of ‘content’ and ‘distribution’ to consider a wide range of potential benefits they might provide to end-consumers.


The Digital Convergence Equalizer provides a new framework for identifying and evaluating digital value propositions. Together, the concept of Digital Tribes and the Equalizer offer a structured approach to help refine an organization’s digital strategy.

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