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Graeme Fraser 

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I joined KPMG Private Enterprise in January 2013 on merging our private business based accounting practise with the KPMG Tauranga office. 


Educated at Lincoln and Canterbury Universities I was previously a partner with an international accounting firm in Hawkes Bay (my original home) from 1986, relocating to Tauranga with them in 1991 and forming my own practise from 1998. 


My clients are medium and large privately owned businesses. I provide specialist advice on business model development and strategic planning, transactions and valuation, restructuring, taxation and funding.


I am privileged to sit on the Advisory Board of several private companies. I like to work with and admire people who take business risks with their own money.


Some say my strength is in being an innovative thinker with a real understanding of the business world. I believe strongly that having a clear vision, setting goals and systematically measuring progress are vital to business success. I also know that no one owns all the good ideas, so for business people getting a second opinion is always very worthwhile. 


My clients will say that I am a realist, with an instinct for what works. That comes from experience as a business owner, investor and advisor. If there are inherent reasons your business, on fundamentals, needs fixing– why not sort these issues now rather than later? So the approach is "first, let's get the business model right". Then let’s set about making the business really work. And create wealth for you the private business owner, and in doing so fuel prosperity for all in our great little country.


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Frasers and KPMG have joined forces

As of 1 January 2013, Frasers have merged with KPMG in Tauranga.

KPMG and Frasers join forces

frasers kpmg
KPMG and Frasers Limited in Tauranaga are very excited to announce they are merging forces.