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Jamie Sinclair 

Jamie is a Director at KPMG New Zealand and leads the firm’s Climate Change and Sustainability Services practice. Jamie and his team provide sustainability assurance and advisory services across a range of sectors including: financial services, heavy industry, energy, motor vehicles, fishing, postal services and government.

Jamie is a qualified chartered accountant with previous experience in financial audit. His international experience includes two and a half years running change management projects in the United Kingdom, involving the financial and retail services sectors.

Over the last three years at KPMG, Jamie has specialised in advising clients on sustainability strategy, sustainability reporting and providing assurance services in relation to the emissions trading scheme and sustainability reports.

Jamie was project manager for the Sustainable Business Council’s Vision 2050 project. This was a major project articulating a vision for New Zealand across 11 pathways and the risks, milestones and opportunities along the way.

Jamie has a Post Graduate Diploma in Science in Environmental Management and a Bachelor of Management Studies (Hons.). He is a member of New Zealand Institute of Chartered Accountants (NZICA) and a member of NZICA’s Sustainable Development Reporting Committee, which was involved in advancing the role of the chartered accountant in sustainability reporting and assurance.
National Leader – Climate Change and Sustainability Services  

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Climate Change and Sustainability Services

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Climate Change and Sustainability Services focuses on increasing long-term shareholder value to drive financial performance.

Integrated Reporting

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Integrated Reporting is about better communication between companies and the investment community “better business reporting”.