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If you are a medium sized  privately owned business then you can get specialist advice from KPMG's dedicated team of Business Advisory professionals.
Manage Wealth

Manage Your Wealth 

We all want it, but how do we get it? And once we have it, how can we protect it?


At KPMG we have specialists that can help you not only build your wealth, but protect it once you have it and provide you with a range of services to give confidence and peace of mind to your wealth-related goals.



Our services include:


At KPMG, we help you determine the best ownership structure for your assets to ensure it will fit your short and long term goals. This includes providing you with a clear understanding of the relative tax implications for any structure being considered.


It is also important to explore the trust options available to protect your assets. And if you have more than one business owner, we strongly recommend documenting a shareholder agreement. This is a necessity to ensure each partners’ efforts are recognised and that respective assets and interests are protected.



Further, we can assist you to manage your business and maximise its profitability. This encompasses a range of services, from being on your Advisory Board to being a virtual CFO or providing a virtual accounting team to handle your day to day requirements. We can also help you develop business plans and financial projections and monitor actual performance against these.



As a business owner, an audit can help you with comfort that the financial results are free from material misstatement. Where a full audit is not required, it can be beneficial to address key areas of concern or risk with an agreed upon procedures review. These can be performed for a range of reasons including to ensure processes and controls are working efficiently, to ensure stock takes are being performed correctly or to look for fraud if there is an area of concern, such as payroll.



Learn how KPMG can be a trusted advisor to help you grow your wealth and protect it.  Contact us on 0800 224 254 for more information.

paul mcpadden


Paul McPadden
National Managing Partner, Private Enterprise