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Expand Business 

The business is going along great but you want to grow. You may already be facing growing pains. But what do you need to consider as you expand? How do you expand?


If you are a privately-owned company these are important questions that may require professional advice and specialist knowledge.  This is where KPMG Business Advisory can help. To assist companies to grow, we can provide critically needed support in a number of areas. These include:




Business Growth Considerations


First and foremost you need to have a clear vision and strategy. The main question is: What is it that you want to achieve as the business owner? What is your dream for the business? We can help you evaluate your current vision and strategy and consequently develop your business plan

Once you have your business plan in place we can help determine the best ownership structure to fit with your goals. It’s also vital to plan for any risks the business may face and protect your wealth. You may want retain key personnel and create buy- in through an employee share scheme or structure the business to allow for family succession.



Your growth plans also rely on a good understanding of cash flow and working capital requirements before these restrict your ability to expand. The growth in sales, purchases, inventory, and general capacity will change your day-to-day funding requirements.


" Strategic. Value. Transformational. That is how I would describe KPMG’s impact on our business in only six months. We had hit a ceiling in our knowledge on how to further grow the business - we have 20 staff - when we started talking to KPMG. KPMG have helped us create a layer of governance and business structure, and have opened our eyes to a bigger vision of what is possible. We are implementing the targets/KPIs they assisted us to set up.


We are surprised by how far we have progressed in a short time frame and are already receiving substantial ‘payback’ from the investment we make in KPMG’s services. We recommend them highly to any SME considering taking their business to the next level. "

Lisa Hinton - Practice Manager and Owner, Context Architects


You will need to understand your current funding capacity and identify when additional financial capacity will be required. With this done, we can guide you to understand your cash flow needs and identify the best options for raising the capital to fund your expansion.



Your strategy may also involve acquiring a business in order to pursue growth goals. We can work with you to identify opportunities available in the market and potential investors to help provide the extra capital to expand.



Learn how KPMG can help you if your goal is to grow.  Call now to get friendly and professional assistance.

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