Roundtable meetings and events  

ACI Roundtable series Spring 2014 


In order to assist audit committee members in their professional development, KPMG's Audit Committee Institute (ACI) facilitates interactive Roundtable meetings.

Audit Committee Institute

Programme ACI Roundtable series Spring 2014


 Thursday 17 April  Stakeholders relation/reputation
 Tuesday 22 April  Cultural diversity ignored within the boardroom: ready for the next crisis!
 Thursday 24 April  Cybercrime and the role of the supervisory board
 Tuesday 29 April  The do’s and don’ts of competition and market behaviour
 Thursday 5 June  Big Data and its impact on information and privacy management
 Thursday 26 June  Meet the Chairman of the new Monitoring Committee
 Tuesday 1 July  The new Auditor’s Report



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