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KPMG in the World Economic Forum on Latin America 2014 

This year, business, political and other leaders attend the World Economic Forum on Latin America Annual Meeting in Panama City, Panama.

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From 1 to 3 April 2014, participants from KPMG's network of firms will join in addressing the theme of WEF on Latin America 2014: Opening Pathways for Shared Progress. They will participate with other attendees by sharing ideas on challenges and opportunities Latin America would face in order to develop its full potential.

KPMG moderates the panel: “Upgrading Infrastructure”

  • 09.00 – 10.15 Local Time
  • The Westin Playa Bonita Hotel – Gatun Salon
  • Wednesday April 2nd, Stephen C. Beatty, Board Member and Head, Global Infrastructure, Americas and India, KPMG LLP, Canada, will moderate the panel “Upgrading Infrastructure”, in which participants will discuss how insufficient financing and investment in Latin American infrastructure threaten the region's economic progress, and how can leaders in the region provide an immediate and effective response to a long-standing deficiency?
  • There will be simultaneous interpretation in English, Spanish and Portuguese
  • This session is open to the reporting press

KPMG Delegates on WEF on Latin America

KPMG and the Four WEF on Latin America Programme Pillars

The most important topics that are discussed at WEF on Latin America, reflect the opportunities that exist in this regional market, as well as each of their local markets.

  • Upgrading infrastructure by increased investment and developing partnerships with government
  • The role of family and private businesses which have to lead growth and continue the path of institutionalization, which is key for these High Growth Markets to contribute for global growth
  • Sustainability: Business Strategy
  • The agenda for institutional reforms, particularly in sectors such as energy, which will encourage investment for growth and increased competitiveness

Impressions from the WEF on Latin America


      • "A fair risk distribution or sharing, that does not focus on who can put more pressure, will be the beginning of a very successful project."

        By Stephen Beatty

    • "The competitive advantage of Costa Rica is its human resources, which has high educational level, with its moderately high birth rate and mortality, low, allowing to maintain stable intellectual capital generated over time, adding value to the country and thus to the region."

      By Alfonso Amén

  • "Innovation for Inclusion and Sustainability will be a key driver for Latin America, as our economies start to emerge, our biggest challenge will be to include the majority of the population in reaping those benefits. Innovation is a key enabler to achieve this goal. The private sector, public sector, development organization and education need to work hand in hand, set achievable goals and collaborate to make the sustainable inclusion a top priority"

    By Glenn Tjon






  • "WEF on Latin America "Opening Pathways for Shared Progress" is a unique opportunity to receive and provide KPMG insight to key players in the global economic, political and business landscape. A "must do" event for Latin-American decision makers to obtain firsthand knowledge on Driving Economic Dynamism, Innovation for Social Inclusion, Environmental Sustainability and Modernization of Economic and Institutional Infrastructure."

    Gustavo A. Astiazarán Orcí


    • "After two full days at the WEF on Latin America, I have established contacts with shareholders and C-Class executives from many companies, with whom we have dialogued and exchanged opinions about issues and opportunities for their businesses regionally."

      Víctor Esquivel


      • "It is necessary to develop research and analysis for decision-making in investments. The variables related to the competitiveness of Costa Rica, include high educational level and in several languages, geographical location and logistics interconnection, democratic stability and legal certainty, the possibility to be daisy-chained with other companies that are already established in Costa Rica or in the region"

        Alfonso Amén
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      KPMG in Imagen, from the WEF Latin America

      Victor Esquivel, National Lead Advisory Partner, KPMG in Mexico & Central America, talks with the audience of Imagen Informativa with Pedro Ferriz Con about the WEF on Latin America 2014.


      Listen to the interview here (in Spanish).