Around the world, former KPMG people stay in touch with our organization, reconnect with their former colleagues and make valuable business contacts through the KPMG Alumni Program. And that's our approach in Moldova as well.

People who leave KPMG to advance their careers, or for other reasons, are never truly ‘lost’ to our firm. Most value the time they spent with us: the friends they made; the things they learned and the opportunities it provided to them.


For our part, we are proud of the achievements of our former colleagues. In so many walks of life in so many places, KPMG alumni are filling important and influential roles and making a difference.


Our Alumni Program in Moldova recognizes the past and future contributions of former KPMG colleagues.


Member firms with an active Alumni Program maintain registers of former employees and partners, keep in touch with them, provide them with various resources and organize alumni events and activities offering opportunities to renew friendships and make business contacts. 


Why connect?

Former KPMG people tell us they value the opportunity to maintain contact with us.

For some it may be a chance to see some familiar faces and exchange professional news. Others access valuable industry intelligence, discover how KPMG can help them overcome business problems, or gain entry to important professional or business networks.


We believe that our alumni are a valuable and significant part of the KPMG community. KPMG's Alumni Program aims to keep our people in close contact with former colleagues and friends. This provides a valuable network for both our people and our alumni members. KPMG is committed to developing strong relationships by offering the following benefits to our alumni:


  • Regular alumni social functions to catch-up with former colleagues.
  • Ready access to KPMG's technical and industry knowledge through our range of seminars, events and publications.
  • An extensive network of business and industry contacts.


KPMG in Moldova's Alumni can obtain specific news and information. KPMG is committed to the Alumni Program. We welcome suggestions about how it can be improved and extended.


Please contact us.