Our sustainability services for the corporate community and public sector 

The CC&S practice of KPMG Luxembourg benefits from a holistic perspective that brings together our Audit, Advisory and Tax professionals. KPMG Luxembourg is at the forefront of new developments in the area of Corporate Responsibility (CR) in the Grand Duchy and our professionals are actively involved in country level CR working groups. This extensive knowledge of the local market enables us to offer tailor made services that are in line with Luxembourg specificities and address challenges of both public and private organizations.


  • Strategy


You wish to implement a  sustainability strategy but you are not sure how to do it. How do you translate it into an action plan? How do you select priorities?



"Integrating sustainability into a business strategy can be challenging. Jane Wilkinson and the rest of our Sustainability team have extensive experience in assisting our clients integrating sustainability throughout the business value-chain."

Pascal Denis, Head of Advisory, KPMG Luxembourg


How can KPMG help you?

  •  Develop a sustainability vision, long term road map and related strategic goals.
  • Assess your sustainability performance and benchmark your performance against peers.
  • Define appropriate governance and organisation structures and  communication strategies.
  • Identify and understand the requirements of your key stakeholders.


  • Change management 


Is your sustainability strategy led to various changes in the company’s way of working? How do you ensure that your employees adapt to these changes?



"People and change are at the heart of implementation of  any business strategy and that also includes sustainability strategies.  We can assist you with proven HR methodologies and tools tailored to the specific needs of your organisation."

Jean-Pascal Nepper, Partner, KPMG Luxembourg


     How can KPMG help you? 

    •  Enhance senior executive expertise by developing learning and development tools on climate change and sustainability issues relevant to the needs and specificities of your organisation.
    • Create synergies between business units to ensure cross-functional collaboration and transversal deployment of your sustainability strategy.


          1. Risk management


            How do you know if developing and implementing a sustainability strategy is worthwhile for your company and businesses? What are the risks and opportunities linked to it? What about tax efficiencies?  



              "Tax structuring should also take into account environmental tax and subsidies. More and more companies are recognizing this."


              Sébastien Labbé, Head of Tax, KPMG Luxembourg


                 How can KPMG help you?

                            • Environmental tax planning and subsidies.
                            • Integrate sustainability into your risk management policy and procedures.
                            • Identify, quantify and analyse emerging risks and opportunities arising from new developments in the area of climate change and sustainability.
                            • Turn opportunities into competitive advantages and mitigate potential risks.


                    1. Cost optimisation 


                      You have heard that eco-efficiency measures in your day to day activities can lead to major costs reductions. What initiatives are the most relevant to your business and how do you initiate action? 



                        "Contrary to widely held beliefs, careful environmental management often means cost reduction/control rather than additional expense, and therefore makes good business sense."

                        Gilles Poncin, Partner, KPMG Luxembourg


                           How can KPMG help you?

                                      • Assess the environmental impact and carbon footprint of your overall operations.
                                      • Design waste management, energy efficiency and effective carbon cost optimisation plans which deliver business value.
                                      • Develop specific cost optimisation plans relevant to your sector of activity: e.g. sustainable procurement, transportation, real estate, IT, etc…
                                      • Assess and optimise regulatory frameworks, including tax and carbon emission regimes.

                                      • Monitoring


                                          You want to measure your sustainability performance. How do you deal with sparse, inconsistent and sometimes unreliable sustainability data? 



                                            "Reliable data is key to monitor your investments and sustainability objectives. We have extensive experience helping our clients from different business sectors to implement efficient governance and control frameworks."

                                            Michael Hofmann, Partner, KPMG Luxembourg


                                               How can KPMG help you? 

                                              •  Define consistent, company and group-wide sustainability key performance indicators (KPIs).
                                              • Help ensure the quality of internal controls around sustainability data.
                                              • Help you remain up to date with International guidelines on Corporate Social Responsibility such as ISO 26000, UNPRI and UNGC.


                                                  • Reporting 


                                                        You want to communicate your sustainability results. How do you find meaningful benchmarks and  determine what to report on ? 



                                                          "The challenges around preparing a sustainability report cut across the whole organisation.  All departments are required to give input.  We have assisted our clients in their reporting processes by helping them develop their first formal report, implementing the processes to capture relevant data, and also as external auditor."

                                                             Jane Wilkinson, Partner, KPMG Luxembourg


                                                            How can KPMG help you? 

                                                            • Identify the content that should be addressed in your sustainability report.
                                                            • Identify the information streams necessary to develop a sustainability report.
                                                            • Perform attestation services over your internal and external sustainability reporting systems.
                                                            • Assist you in obtaining the INDR Label or other relevant labels or certifications.
                                                            • Provide assurance on your external Corporate Responsibility Report.


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