Tax due diligence 

A detailed understanding of the historical and current tax risks associated with an enterprise is the key to assess the real value of a transaction. In many cases, tax aspects can make a difference to avoid pitfalls and seize opportunities.

Eric Lenert


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KPMG professionals combine global understanding and deal experience with local knowledge of tax jurisdictions. They can help companies in national and multi-jurisdictional tax due diligence, identify what the tax exposure is on a deal and how it may be mitigated ― with clear focus on risk assessment.

Our tax transaction team provides industry focused and specialized support in a wide range of transactions such as:


  • acquisition due diligence
  • vendor due diligence
  • bid support
  • mergers
  • carve outs and separations
  • general tax health check of your company.


Our services include:


  • global analysis of the tax situation of the target / existing structure
  • structuring of the acquisition operation / transaction
  • analysis of the financing options
  • analysis of the tax implications in the legal documentation, e.g. sale & purchase agreement, merger deed, etc.
  • post-acquisition consulting, e.g. structuring of the newly acquired target to optimize it and adapt it to your needs
  • implementation of management incentive solutions.

Our scope of work can be tailored to your needs and can be integrated into a broader range of due diligence services: Financial, Corporate Finance, Risk Consulting, for which our teams work as one towards your goal.