China Desk - 中国业务部  

KPMG in Luxembourg has a China Desk that assists Chinese companies expanding overseas and non-Chinese companies expanding in China.

A dozen Chinese and non-Chinese professionals in the audit, tax and advisory functions form part of this China Desk. Their experience covers KPMG Luxembourg’s main lines of business. We assist our clients in tax structuring, tax compliance, accounting, mergers and acquisitions and regulatory compliance.

The KPMG Luxembourg China Desk forms part of the KPMG Global China Practice, a network of over 50 Local China Practices headquartered in China. This network provides essential market research and experience on Chinese related topics.

卢森堡毕马威有一个中国业务部。 这个中国业务部能帮助中国公司在国外发展,也能帮助非中国公司在中国发展。

它是由十二位中国和非中国在审计,税务和咨询方面的专业人员组成。 他们的工作经验包括了卢森堡毕马威主要的业务线。他们在投资机构,报税单,会计,并购和法律方面协助客户。

毕马威国际中国业务部拥有五十个不同国家的中国业务部网络,卢森堡毕马威是其中之一 -。这个网络提供与中国有关的市场信息和经验。


Russian and CIS Desk Russian and CIS Desk Russian and CIS Desk Russian and CIS Desk



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Victor Chan Yin

Partner, Head of China Desk

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Daniel Dexiang Wang

Principal, China Business 

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Miriam Keusen
Tel. +352 621 87 5566


Jacques Bortuzzo


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