Regulatory and Tax Reporting Services for Investment Funds 

The complexity of regulatory and financial reporting requirements has increased over the last years.  Our teams of professionals have a strong knowledge of evolving regulatory environment to help you respond dynamically to the highest standards of regulatory reporting requirements.

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At KPMG we can offer the following services:


Financial Reporting Services


To address the challenges inherent to the compilation of financial statements, KPMG has set up a Regulatory and Financial Reporting Department.  Our team of professionals, specialized in IFRS, Lux, US or UK GAAPs, ensure compliance with the current accounting principles using the experience and technical skill set of KPMG’s local and international network.


German Tax Services


High quality of German tax reporting is essential to successful marketing towards German private and institutional investors. In order to satisfy your needs, we set up a dedicated Luxembourg-based German tax specialized team of currently 12 professionals. Clients benefit from our extensive knowledge and experience, taking into account the complexity of German taxation issues.


Solvency Information for Investment Funds


The revised Basel Framework (Basel II) and the adopted EU Directives 2000/12/EG on banking regulation and 93/6/EWG on capital adequacy regulations introduced new rules for the minimum capital requirements and evaluation of credit risk, market risk and operational risk within financial institutions.  These rules will also impact those parties who are in the business of Investment Funds. The directives as well as the national implementations grant an option for institutions to outsource this calculation to third parties. A detailed calculation improves risk management process and leads generally to a significant lower capital charge. KPMG offers the calculation of that information based on national requirements, different approaches and customized to your client needs.