Fund Migration 

Fund migration is a challenging project whose success mainly depends on the change management team experience in cross-disciplinary assignments.  At KPMG, we were involved in several major fund migrations on the Luxembourg market.  Our risk-oriented approach helps ensure that the project specifications have been assessed through a risk-based analysis.

Vincent Heymans


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From pre to post migration, KPMG Project Team, consisting of certified project managers, regulatory and compliance specialists as well as asset management advisors, provides assistance to ensure a smooth transition through a dynamic five-step process.


Pre Launch Project

  • Preliminary screening of the available service providers
  • Evaluation of the service provider proposals against the client’s needs
  • Due diligence of the selected service providers
  • Project environment analysis


Project Launch

  • Setting up the project structure
  • Establishing the project governance structure
  • Confirmation of the global approach
  • Setting up the work streams and synchronization
  • Key critical path determination
  • Macro-planning and detailed planning for the next phase


Business Requirements

  • Mapping of the funds
  • Mapping of operational activities (fund accounting, custodian, TA, domiciliation, others)
  • Identification of gaps (functional, interfaces, reports)
  • Solution proposal and differentiated analysis
  • Defining the fund migration approach
  • Drafting the IT development requests
  • Change Management.pdf (68 KB)



  • IT development testing and implementation
  • Implementation of the new operational organization
  • Funds migration preparation and test



  • Funds migration
  • Process stabilization
  • Post engagement debrief


General Governance

  • Planning, setup and monitoring
  • Stakeholder coordination
  • Active participation from senior management in the day-to-day operation to ensure a smooth project


Scope of Activities

  • UCIs
  • SIFs
  • SICARs
  • Real estate funds
  • Private equity funds
  • Other regulated investment funds

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