People & Change 

Our People & Change Advisory team supports small to large organizations in a wide range of sectors in designing, implementing or optimizing their HR strategy, policies & practices and assists them in achieving successful changes.

Indeed, in many companies, the importance of the HR function is too often underestimated. However, high competitiveness requires HR strategy to be aligned with the organization's business needs.

The People & Change team aims at assisting your people to excel in their area of expertise, by providing them with the appropriate structure, tools and systems.


    How we can help



    HR strategy and processes


    We help our clients develop and optimise their HR processes in alignment with their HR strategy. In addition to other services, we:


    • perform job-grading exercises
    • create competency frameworks
    • audit HR processes
    • review performance management processes


    Talent management


    We help our clients identify their talent needs and develop their human capital. In addition to other services, we:


    • help you recruit talented workers
    • carry out personality assessments
    • conduct development/assessment centres
    • identify and develop high-potential staff


    Rewards and benefits


    We help our clients implement competitive compensation and benefits programs. In addition to other services, we:


    • conduct KPMG Remuneration surveys for the financial and non-financial sectors
    • carry out compensation benchmarks
    • perform remuneration audits
    • review compliance with regulatory requirements
    • help you implement a cafeteria plan


    HRIS selection and implementation


    We help our clients optimise their HR function by putting in place the appropriate structure, capabilities, and systems through:


    • HRIS provider selection
    • HRIS implementation


    Change management


    We help our clients deal with the impact of change on their people that occurs during, for instance:


    • organisational changes
    • HR transformation projects
    • implementation of a new information system




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