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In many organizations, information technology (IT) is often seen as both an opportunity and a challenge. This reflects the fact that while effective IT has become an absolute prerequisite for organizational growth and success, many boards and senior executives are looking to get a firmer grip on IT matters.
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KPMG’s IT Advisory helps organizations better align their IT capabilities with their strategic and operational objectives.


We offer a suite of services designed to assist organizations in enhancing the return on their IT investments and more effectively manage their IT risks and skills.


How we can help

Our services include:


  • IT Strategy and Performance 
  • IT Sourcing Advisory 
  • System selection
  • System implementation
  • System integration services
  • Agile Development
  • IT Value / calculation of Business Case


We tackle clients' IT concern from a business perspective as our teams always consist of business and technical profiles. We are not tied to particular hardware or software suppliers. It means that our advice is objective and framed entirely in terms of the organizations’ need.


We draw on KPMG’s extensive national and global resources. We adopt a multidisciplinary approach that helps unlock the full potential of existing and new IT investments.


We work with organizations of all shapes and sizes across a broad range of industries.

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