Infrastructure Advisory 

Governments & Public Sector organizations across the globe are increasingly turning to public-private initiatives as a means to deliver improvements in public services. Under these schemes, Private Sector business insight can be applied to collaborative Public Sector projects.


Financing infrastructure development promotes social and economic improvements, but it also creates new challenges: unfamiliar financial risks, complexity and uncertainty of major infrastructure projects – to name a few.


Additionally, traditional financing sources can no longer be enough for infrastructure financing. Solutions to the current turbulent market challenges impacting infrastructure will have increasingly to come from innovative financing and operating solutions developed by governments working collaboratively with the Private Sector, and with different financial sources. To overcome these difficulties timely, experienced, unbiased and objective professional advice is required. This is where KPMG can help.

Our services cover the entire lifecycle of the infrastructure assets, including:


  • Strategy
  • Structuring
  • Procurement
  • Financial & commercial close
  • Post-Completion


On top of this, our valuation team has deep specialism in the infrastructure sector, valuing the assets of a significant number of the leading infrastructure funds.  Our valuation services within the infrastructure sector include:


  • Independent valuation of assets to support portfolio valuations, debt covenants and refinancing
  • Private board opinions in connection with refinancing, demergers or divestures
  • Review of internal valuation methodologies and underlying calculations for individual private equity investments or entire portfolios
  • Portfolio performance review
  • Review of investor management agreements
  • Purchase price allocation – fair value of tangible and intangible assets
  • Valuation of debt/hybrid instruments in new and alternative markets

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