Corporate Citizenship 

All organizations have responsibilities to their people, their clients and society.
We believe a real commitment to corporate social responsibility (CSR) unites an organization, strengthens its reputation and creates vital links with the communities in which it operates.

We believe that both KPMG and our staff have an immense role and opportunity to positively impact our surrounding communities. The hard work and education obtained by our staff members serves as a good example to the youth in our community and allows us to engage with numerous organisations in the wider community. 

A number of our staff have been actively involved in different community and charity projects and KPMG In Luxembourg actively encourages our employees to get involved through different initiatives. As an example, every year our staff train together and then run in the Luxembourg city marathon.  Each year more than 100 of our staff are involved which represents more than 10% of our workforce, not to mention those who are present to encourage their colleagues taking part in the event. In the marathon each staff member is running to support our staff selected charity Alupse.


For more information please check our CSR page.

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