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Our business relies on competent, ambitious individuals, who are always willing to adopt new ways of thinking in order to seize the opportunities that are out there. That's why throughout your career with us, our ongoing commitment to continuous learning will ensure that you are constantly expanding your vision and capabilities in order to realise your full potential.

Do you share our values ?

Here are some examples of people who have found their success at KPMG in Luxembourg :


Emmanuel Kabamba
(Senior Manager, Audit, Zambian)

"...Prior to joining KPMG, I always admired KPMG's strength in the Financial Services sector globally. After considering the various options open to me at the time, I quickly realised that Luxembourg stands out as a renowned FS location with unique possibilities. For me, being here means that when it comes to FS, not only do I 'talk the talk' but I also get to 'walk the walk' too. It is just the sort of challenge that dynamic professionals are always looking out for..."

Donna Lee Bauer
(Director, Audit, Canadian)

"...The dynamic business environment at KPMG Luxembourg offers tremendous opportunity to grow professionally and personally. In addition the diverse mix of nationalities, languages and cultures makes it a truly interesting place to work..."

Monika Wirtz
(Senior Manager, Audit, German)

"...your skill in adapting to the firm’s client environment and your capabilities to share knowledge within a team are essential to achieving a common objective..."

Ravi Beegun
(Partner, Audit, Mauritian)

"...I was impressed by the friendly atmosphere when I visited the Luxembourg office during my interview and Luxembourg allows me to work on banking clients, my field of specialization..."

Sandrine Degreve
(Director, Tax Advisors, Belgian)

"...I was impressed by the culture at KPMG Tax, the low average age of the employees and all being on first name terms - it's all very encouraging..." 

Dee Ruddy
(Senior Manager, Audit, Irish)

"KPMG in Luxembourg provides me with the chance to work with and learn from a diverse group of bright and talented colleagues and offers constant possibilities to create a successful career in a dynamic and challenging work environment." 

Mickael Tabart

(Director, Audit, Belgian)

"I was fortunate enough to be offered a post in the New York office - my previous experience at Arcelor and IFRS was just what was needed at the time of my transfer. Key persons both in the Luxembourg and in the NY offices supported my application. I am very grateful to them.

Professionally, this experience gives you exposure to a diversified learning experience, working in a different environment with high regulatory expectations."


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