KPMG International is a Swiss cooperative. It is the coordinating entity for a global network of independent firms.

Our structure is designed to support consistency of service quality and adherence to agreed values wherever in the world our member firms operate.


Client services are provided by KPMG member firms or by other independent firms licensed by member firms to use the KPMG name. Each KPMG firm is separate and legally distinct. KPMG International does not provide services to clients.


Member firms are located in over 155 countries. Collectively, they employ more than 174,000 people, including over 7000 partners, nearly 115,000 client service professionals and over 23,000 administrative and support staff.


Our member firms commit themselves to a common set of KPMG values. Firms must abide quality standards governing how they operate and how they provide services to clients. Other firms, licensed by member firms to use the KPMG name, must also abide by these standards.


Each KPMG member firm takes responsibility for its management and the quality of its work. Partners and professionals within those firms undertake to act with integrity at all times.


Unless otherwise indicated, references in this website to a 'member firm' or 'member firms' includes references to member firms of KPMG International, other firms licensed by them to use the KPMG name and, in each case, firms controlled by them.


Governance of KPMG International

The Global Board is the principal governance and oversight body. Its key responsibilities include approving long-term strategy, protecting and enhancing the KPMG brand and approving policies and regulations. It includes the Chairman, the Deputy Chairman, the CEO and the Chairman of each of our three regions (the Americas, Asia Pacific, and Europe, the Middle East and Africa).


The Global Council focuses on high-level governance tasks and facilitates discussion with and between the member firms. It includes representation from 54 member firms.


Governance at KPMG in Luxembourg

KPMG in Luxembourg constituted a non-executive Supervisory Board in October 2008.  It is an elected board of five partners (who are not part of the Executive Committee). 

The current members of the Supervisory Board are:
Ravi Beegun

Stanislas Chambourdon
Alison Macleod
Louis Thomas
Patrick Wies


Roles of the Supervisory Board :

  • Oversight of the management of the firm by the Executive Committee; oversight of the Remuneration Committee, nominations, promotions
  • To provide advice on strategic issues and critical decisions
  • Guardian of brand and reputation of KPMG; ensuring compliance with KPMG International requirements and local laws & regulations

Our Luxembourg Office

Locations and contact details of KPMG offices in Luxembourg