Writing Hope Project 

We have the great pleasure to announce the official launch of the trilingual book

Letters from Mali

           in partnership with    

 SOS Village enfants


Project Bright is a CSR competition that encourages KPMG employees to come up with bright ideas to address social and environmental needs either within the local community or further afield.


 children. The project has been completed in partnership  with SOS Villages d'Enfants Monde in Luxembourg.


The main initiative is the creation of a book written by underprivileged children  from the SOS Hermann Gmeiner's school in Mali, in order to build self-esteem through creative writing: they wrote short stories about their own lives and dreams and illustrated them with drawings.


"We think that writing is a good process to express our emotions and feelings that we do not manage to express orally. It contributes to reduce our pain and to change our mind from our day-to-day life" says Karin Riehl, Managing Partner from KPMG Luxembourg.


KPMG is open to creativity because creativity breaks barriers and develops new approaches to solve issues. KPMG is convinced that education is essential for developing people's minds to other cultures and increases their awareness to health care and environmental issues around the world. That is why this book is an ideal medium to share these concerns with our local community.


About the book




 “The stories and drawings from the children are really amazing and also demonstrate a great maturity. Our main concern was to respect the spontaneity of the children in their way of expressing themselves.  We then grouped the stories by theme to create a certain consistency. We also decided to add the picture of the children to give a personal touch to each story.  The translation part was quite challenging as we had to respect the spontaneity of the stories” says Anna Christen-Rodrigues, responsible of the Writing Hope project.


How should I get a book?


The book will be sold in Luxembourg  (5€) as of 19 October 2011 via different channels like the bookshops LIBO, Ernster, Alinéa, Diderich as well as in Auchan.


The action will last until end of January 2012.


Alternatively, you can also buy a book in sending an e-mail to


All the profit will be redistributed to the school in Mali in order to increase their educational and pedagogical material in their library. 




All the profit will be redistributed to the school in Mali in order to increase their educational and pedagogical material in their library.



For any additional information on SOS Villages d’Enfants Monde please visit their website.


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