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We aim to create a High Performance Culture – a virtuous circle in which the opportunity to help our clients overcome their most complex challenges motivates and develops our talented people.


Our HR function plays a bigger role than ever to make sure that we continue to build a workforce that can compete in the marketplace. Keeping this in mind, we concentrate on our “Employer of Choice” strategy by:


  • Evaluating our human resource needs
  • Finding the right talents and retain our people
  • Adapting our learning and development opportunities to continue to deliver the highest quality standards to our clients
  • Managing and using the increasing cultural diversity and changes in the social mindset to our advantage

KPMG Luxembourg has a number of workplace initiatives that support this approach to being a responsible employer:


  • Fair and consistent recruitment processes 
  • Extensive learning and development opportunities –KPMG Business School, Global Mobility Programme, etc.
  • Comprehensive performance management system in place with personalised  performance development software accessible to all staff
  • Staff views sought through our Global People Survey 


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CSR Report 2012


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