dayCARE 2012 – KPMG welcomes 13 young students from various Luxembourgish Lycées


Organised by CARE Luxembourg and supported by various companies, this initiative aims at bringing together Luxembourgish students and local firms. At the same time, participating companies make a donation to CARE with the aim of providing children in Dadaab’s refugee camp, Kenya, with access to education.


KPMG’s participation in this year’s dayCARE initiative proved to be a great experience for all who were involved. Students as well as KPMG volunteers from Audit, Tax, Advisory and the support functions spent a very interesting day together.


The students were very appreciative of the time invested by KPMG to show them what KPMG does and how we work. At the end of the day they were all impressed by the friendly and professional atmosphere and some of them even showed interest in a future career or a summer job at KPMG.


Also our KPMG volunteers experienced the day as constructive and interesting. They were very enthusiastic about the chance to speak about their job and proudly present what they do every day.


Mr. Frédéric Haupert, director of CARE, visited the students during the day and he too, expressed his gratitude for KPMG’s efforts and involvement in this initiative. For each participant to this event, KPMG made a financial contribution to support children in the Dadaab refugee camp, Kenya.  




Football match Luxembourg vs. Israel – KPMG invites 12 children from “Kannerland Centre d’Accueil – Luxembourg; member of the Elisabeth group”.


On 12 October 2012, Luxembourg’s football team competed against Israel for the World Cup 2014 qualification. On this occasion, KPMG has invited a few children from the “Kannerland Centre d’Accueil – Luxembourg; member of the Elisabeth group”, which is a Luxemburgish organization specialized in the education and support of children with special needs.


The association joined KPMGs partners and clients for a dinner at our Strassen building before attending the match at Josy Barthel Stadium.


Mrs. Kremer, head of the “service travail familial” section at “Kannerland Centre d’Accueil – Luxembourg; member of the Elisabeth group” mentioned that “some of the kids were spurring on the Luxembourgish team so much that it left them without a voice until the Sunday after. We are very grateful that KPMG thought of us and gave the children the opportunity to attend the match”.


Officials at the US embassy - which are also involved in the support of “Kannerland Centre d’Accueil – Luxembourg; member of the Elisabeth group” - expressed their gratitude to KPMG for giving these children the opportunity to escape from the difficulties of their lives.




In the picture: children from “Kannerland Centre d’Accueil – Luxembourg; member of the Elisabeth group” together with Georges Bock and Patrick Wies. 


More information on Kannerland Centre d’Accueil – Luxembourg; member of the Elisabeth group:



Be a Real Santa this Christmas – KPMG Luxembourg supports Stemm vun der Strooss 


Under the slogan “Be a Real Santa this Christmas”, our CSR Committee organized a special Christmas  action in cooperation with “Stemm vun der Strooss”, a local association helping homeless people in Luxembourg.  The action was three-fold:


  • Volunteering:  to prepare and serve meals to about 100 homeless people in the first week of January  -  in line with our Volunteering Policy, people could give 4hrs of their working time to help. In addition to giving the time, KPMG Luxembourg – through the KPMG Foundation - also committed to make a financial donation of EUR 50,- per volunteer.
  • Donation in Kind: collection of food, winter clothing, backpacks and sleeping bags.
  • Financial Donation



This action was a real success with over 55 volunteers registered and the feedback was extremely positive – Emma says: “What a great way to start 2012. (…) participating in this event helped bring us colleagues back together and begin the year with team work and motivation. (…) we felt it was important to take part in such an event to understand just how many people are in need in Luxembourg. This experience made us think about how privileged we are and the importance of giving time to help others.“  



KPMG Supports CARE Luxembourg to Fight against Hunger in the Horn of Africa (2011) 


In 2011, the worst humanitarian crisis the world has seen this century escalated in the Horn of Africa, with over 13 million people in urgent need of life-saving humanitarian assistance.


In response to this humanitarian crisis, the KPMG Luxembourg Foundation Board agreed on a donation of EUR 10’000,- and a fund raising campaign was launched within the firm through which EUR 3’404,-  were collected. The total amount was donated to CARE Luxembourg, which in addition to providing clean water for the refugees also runs an education and vocational training programme in the Dadaab camp.



Going to school does not only mean learning to read and write. It gives children the knowledge and self-confidence to protect themselves from illnesses, abuse and other dangers in the camps. 



KPMG Luxembourg supports Japan (2011)


KPMG Japan

 programme with Oxfam Japan.



KPMG origami


"A thousand origami cranes for Japan" : Work of art made by KPMG staff



Awareness campaign for Bangladesh (2010)


Over the summer 2010, KPMG in Luxembourg held a small exhibition in its main reception area on the ‘Traditional Boats of Bangladesh’ and organized a conference on “Corporate Social Responsibility” by Mrs Runa Khan, Executive Director of Friendship - an NGO based in the floating islands in the Brahmaputra in Bangladesh supported by the KPMG Luxembourg Foundation -, in order to raise our staff’s awareness about this association’s work.


A fund-raising event was also organized which enabled us to collect a bit over EUR 4’500,- in favor of Friendship Bangladesh.


KPMG Bangladesh


Exhibition "Traditional Boats of Bangladesh" at KPMG



ING Europe Luxembourg marathon


Every year, the ING Europe Luxembourg marathon takes place in the city of Luxembourg. This event reflects both our corporate involvement as well as creating strong internal staff cohesion within our firm. KPMG sets up a team of KPMG runners and for every kilometer run by a KPMG runner we make a donation to a local association. In 2011, we donated € 6,500 to “Kriibskrank Kanner Fondatioun”; the association chosen by the runners.




Seasons’ Greetings


Every year, KPMG sends its Seasons Greetings to clients via an electronic or printed card. “Fondatioun Kriibskrank Kanner” is a foundation raising money for the fight against childhood cancer. We provide support to this foundation by sending our cards to all our clients and make a donation for every card sent.



KPMG Jeans Day


KPMG regularly organizes Jeans Days. All staff members are allowed to wear jeans in exchange for a donation. The event is always a huge success and staff are very involved in the project. During the last Jeans Day, we collected 2,618.30 euros to help Kickstart Kids International, an organization set up by a KPMG Australia employee.


Blood Donation


The KPMG Blood Donation Campaign has been launched in association with the Centre de Transfusion Sanguine de la Croix-Rouge luxembourgeoise since November 2007.



    This project finds its roots in our willingness to commit as a firm to our community in Luxembourg and to give the opportunity to our staff to become a blood donor. 


    • There are 70% of potential recipients, but only 3% of actual donors
    • The actual blood donation only takes 10 min of your time
    • Everyone needs blood once in his life
    • you or someone close to you may need some day
    • 1 blood donation can save up to 3 lives.


The KPMG Blood Donation Campaign has been launched in association with the Centre de Transfusion Sanguine de la Croix-Rouge luxembourgeoise since November 2007.



KPMG Christmas Hat Day (2009)


On 17 December 2009, we organized a Christmas Hat Day at KPMG. All staff was able to buy a Christmas Hat and wear it during the day in the office. Thanks to the support of our staff, we managed to raise 2,577.30 euros to help Kick Start Kids International. The Christmas Hat Day was followed by our annual Christmas party.



CSR actions in Luxembourg


If you would like to find out more about our approach to CSR, our targets and achievements, please contact us


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