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We aim to mobilise our efforts to contribute to the global objective of emission reductions and develop innovative office space and mobility solutions for our people.


Although service firms like ours have a relatively limited impact on the environment as a whole, we believe that we are not exempt from playing our role in reducing our emissions, consumption and waste, or from leading by example.


  • It is therefore, that we actively participate in The KPMG Global Green Initiative (GGI), which allows us to monitor our environmental performance and identify opportunities for action. The global ambition is to reduce KPMG’s footprint by a reduction of further 15% in net emissions per full-time equivalent by 2015. This ambition would be achieved by implementing measures related to three strategic focus areas: building efficiency, sustainable IT and responsible travel, as well as expanded procurement of renewable energy and carbon offsets. 
  • Additionally, the consumption of water and paper is also being monitored, just like the production of waste. In this context, KPMG Luxembourg has been awarded the label “SuperDreksKëscht®” on an annual basis since 2010.
  • A future priority for KPMG Luxembourg is the construction of our new headquarters in the Kirchberg area, which will create significant reduction of our environmental impact. At this stage, the building has already been awarded the BREEAM certificate “very good” for its design. 

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CSR Report 2012


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"Our significant reduction in GHG emissions in 2012 by 33.5% is principally due to our switch to a green electricity programme in October 2011."

Karl Chisman, Head of Facilities



If you would like to find out more about our approach to CSR, our targets and achievements, please contact us


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