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We aim to be the ‘best firm to work with’ which means mobilising our business skills to inspire innovative thinking on responsible business practice and have a positive impact on our local environment.


We believe that both KPMG and our staff have an immense role and opportunity to positively impact our surrounding communities. The hard work and education obtained by our staff members serves as a good example to the youth in our community and allows us to engage with numerous organisations in the wider society.


Our commitment to the community is built on several cornerstones.


  • In spring 2009, the KPMG Luxembourg Foundation was created. We are very proud of this achievement and we think of our Foundation as an excellent demonstration of our commitment to our communities. In 2013, 17 charitable organisations were supported with a total donation of €229.871.

  • In 2012, our staff members selected Alupse Bébé to be KPMG Luxembourg’s Staff Selected Charity. This means that this organisation will be the focus of our fundraising initiatives in the two upcoming years.
  • A number of our staff have been actively involved in different community and charity projects and KPMG In Luxembourg actively encourages our employees to get involved through different initiatives be it fundraising or volunteering. For instance, this year for the second time in a row, a large number of our staff participated in our Valentine’s Day fundraising initiative. By preparing homemade cakes, muffins and cookies and selling them across our four buildings, our staff raised approximately €4,000 for our Staff Selected Charity Alupse-Bébé. 

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CSR Report 2012


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"In 2013 we would like to build on our skills-based volunteering programme. This is where we can add even more value by using our professional skills to assist associations to be better organised and structured."

Jane Wilkinson, Head of CSR


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Jane Wilkinson

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