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  • Type: Business and industry issue, Publication series
  • Date: 12/6/2012



Louis Thomas


Luxembourg Head of Automotive

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AutomotiveNow - Mobility of tomorrow 

This edition of the AutomotiveNow magazine presents current concepts and new ideas which demonstrate how the automotive industry is dealing with intelligent vehicle usage concepts and multimodal transportation systems.
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Mobility is only one of the issues addressed. This edition includes the following articles:


  • Cover Story: Mobility of tomorrow: A world without waiting
    The desire for mobility clashes with climate protection goals – and not just in emerging markets. Intelligent vehicle usage concepts and multimodal transport systems will hopefully resolve this conflict – and safeguard mobility in the future.


  • Expertise: Nordic driving
    Do you think Norway is small, insignificant or negligible? Think again. One-quarter of all the cars sold in Norway are luxury vehicles.


  • Know-how: Risks of growth
    Volume carmakers are staggering under growing overcapacity despite strong demand from emerging markets. Does the same fate await the premium segment?


  • Best practice: Added value 2.0
    How automotive companies leverage social media to drive innovation and improve their customer relationships.


  • Country focus: Samba on the factory floor
    Brazil will soon be the world’s third-largest automotive market. It is also gaining importance as an export platform to North America.


  • Exit: With the help of Google
    How taxi businesses in Salvador, Brazil, are gearing up for the 2014 World Cup.

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