• Industry: Financial Services, Insurance
  • Date: 4/23/2013


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Intelligent Insurer: Creating Value from Opportunities in a Changing World 

From extended life expectancy to increasing urbanization, from more extreme weather events to greater use of social media, from an increasingly interconnected world where trust in global institutions has been significantly eroded, change is all around us.


At KPMG we have distilled the themes we see emerging today into four over-arching mega-trends. Please click on each mega-trend to learn more.

Against the shifting macroeconomic and political landscape, these forces create both opportunities and threats for insurers. The insurer of the future will need to adapt in order to remain competitive, stay relevant to its customers, accountable to its stakeholders and create value for its investors. How the industry meets these challenges today will shape the future role of insurance in society tomorrow.


We have mapped the global mega-trends onto key components of the insurance business model, Products and Markets, Distribution and Operations, Governance and People and, Regulation and Capital Management, illustrating the primary inter-relationships driving change in the industry now and over the next decade.


To generate debate on these and other issues we invite you to join the Insurance Conversation


We want to hear your views

  1. What mega-trends do you see affecting the industry over the next decade?
  2. What are the key challenges the industry needs to overcome?

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