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  • Industry: Financial Services
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  • Date: 1/18/2012

Evolving Banking Regulation  

The journey to re-shape the banking sector continues, in a time fraught with uncertainty. The ever-expanding set of regulatory and related reform initiatives at global, regional and national levels, in combination with the European sovereign debt crisis in danger of creating instability and dragging down economic growth, pose substantial challenges for banks.


In Evolving Banking Regulation – A long journey ahead KPMG’s Global Financial Services Regulatory Centers of Excellence, along with KPMG firms’ professionals, explore some of the key challenges and areas of focus for banks facing the implementation of the ‘first wave’ of regulatory reforms and a new, ‘second wave’ of reforms.

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Capital and funding strategies


How well are banks coping with regulators’ calls for increased capital and liquidity levels?



Reducing systemic risk within the global banking sector


How are banks and regulators working together to minimalize fall out from any future failure of ‘significantly’ sized banks?



Recovery and resolution planning


Authorities will be able to recover and resolve failed banks faster. But progress comes at a price for all banks



Changes to supervision and reporting


Against a backdrop of an increased reporting burden, banks will have to work closely with the new regulatory structures and bodies.



Governance and remuneration


Bonuses still make up the majority of senior bankers’ pay, while a global standard for governance seems a long way off.



Customer protection and investor conduct


Banks will bear the cost of regulators’ drive to help consumers make better investment decisions. But these changes may also bring banks some unique opportunities.


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