• Industry: Financial Services, Insurance
  • Date: 3/21/2013

2013 Evolving Insurance Regulation: A new dawn 

For insurers’ right across the sector, 2013 is set to be another year of significant regulatory and commercial change.
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This year’s edition of our annual Evolving Insurance Regulation: A new dawn report offers a unique overview of this change, the challenges it presents to insurers – and the opportunities now flowing from it.


Released in March 2013, our report adds value by analyzing the increasingly wide range of insurance-related regulatory drivers. Initiatives such as systemic risk, the IAIS Insurance Core Principles (ICPs) and the European Union’s Solvency II Directive remain a key focus for many insurers and regulators. Increasingly, as more jurisdictions begin to implement the ICPs, assessing how best to accommodate multi-jurisdictional compliance and reporting requirements becomes a growing strategic challenge.


The ongoing regulatory change agenda, the renewed need for increased growth, profitability, capital returns and cost reductions remain central themes for the industry. We believe Insurers who manage these challenges with an eye on creating positive value for enhanced performance will be best positioned for success. 


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